Contributed Talks 2a: QKD (Chair: Andreas Poppe)

Tue, 24 Aug , 14:00 - 14:30
    • Experimental Gaussian-modulated continuous-variable quantum key distribution with composable keys
      Nitin Jain (Technical University of Denmark); Hou-Man Chin (Technical University of Denmark); Hossein Mani (Technical University of Denmark); Dino Solar Nikolic (Technical University of Denmark); Cosmo Lupo (University of Sheffield); Stefano Pirandola (University of York); Matthias Kolb (Austrian Institute of Technology); Christoph Pacher (Austrian Institute of Technology); Ulrik L. Andersen (Technical University of Denmark); Tobias Gehring (Technical University of Denmark)
      Presenter live session: Nitin Jain
    • QKD Attack Rating: Prioritizing is the key to Practical Security
      Rupesh Kumar (University of York); Francesco Mazzoncini (Telecom Paris); Hao Qin (CAS Quantum Network); Romain Alléaume (Telecom Paris)
      Presenter live session: Francesco Mazzoncini
    • Explicit asymptotic secret key rate of continuous-variable quantum key distribution with an arbitrary modulation
      Aurélie Denys (Inria Paris); Peter Brown (ENS Lyon); Anthony Leverrier (Inria Paris)